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5 Essential Tips for the Morning of Your Wedding

This is about to be the best day of your life, but we don't need it to start like a Jesse McCartney song (and you'll probably need to get up before half past ten). The morning of your wedding sets the tone for your whole day ahead, so use these 5 must-dos to ensure that you're kicking things off right. 

Only follow tradition if it feels right to you

There's the age-old tradition of not seeing each other until you make it to the end of the aisle, and while many people are opting for first looks now, it's still considered "untraditional" to see each other before that point, or *gasp* stay together the night before the wedding. If you and your partner like the anticipation this tradition brings, cool - go for it! There's lots of couples this doesn't feel right for though - and that's okay. It will absolutely not ruin the magic of your wedding day if you have breakfast or even get ready together. For those with anxiety it can be super helpful to have the comfort of your favourite person. 

This idea of breaking tradition is about more than just the nearlyweds - it also goes for the wedding party and family members - you can ask a trusted friend (or a professional coordinator) to act as a buffer if someone stresses you out, or choose to not have those people as part of your getting ready experience at all. Totally up to you! 

Nourish & Hydrate

You've probably heard this advice before - because it's the good stuff. No one wants to faint in the middle of their vows because they haven't eaten all day (this is unfortunately a true story). 

When picking food options, aim for a hunger-crushing combination of fat, fibre & protein to keep you full and your blood sugars level. Fruit & croissants look cute for an instagram pic but they'll have you crashing in an hour or two. 

Some ideas for nourishing foods: 

  • Add some nuts & cheese to those fruit & croissants and aim for high-fibre fruits like apples, bananas and berries. For bonus points turn the croissants into sandwiches with some sliced deli meat!
  • Wraps or pitas are a great option if you want something prepared in advance/delivered. You can add everyone's Pita Pit order via Skip the Dishes & either have it delivered or have someone pick it up and bring it to you if you're out of delivery range. Tip: Add names in the notes section of each pita and they'll typically label it for you.
  • Sushi isn't your average pre-wedding snack, but if the shoe fits - brown rice rolls will give you that extra shot of fibre and you can choose a variety of types. Add in some edamame for more snackable goodness. Just make sure you order from some place reputable - the last thing anyone needs on their wedding day is food poisoning!
  • Salads can keep things light, just make sure you're getting enough calories in there! Don't skip adding a protein whether it's chicken or chickpeas, and use full fat dressing to increase your nutrient absorption. 

Make sure you're hydrating too - especially if you're having mimosas to celebrate! In general aim for 1 glass of water every 2 hours at minimum, and 1 glass of water per alcoholic drink you have. 

Have your details organized

Likely your photographer is going to want to take some detail photos, so keep things easy for them by having everything in one place. Put a copy of your whole invitation suite in a ziploc bag, along with vow books if you have them. If you had special envelopes as part of your invite suite, address one to you two as a couple with the venue address for a nice hidden detail. 

Set aside your shoes and accessories like jewelry and hair clips. Put your wedding & engagement rings in a ring box - your coordinator or photographer can help with making sure the rings all get to the right place before the ceremony. 

Ask your florist or decorator for some extra blooms or ribbon used on bouquets for photos as well, it will make everything look extra cohesive. 

Bring a steamer & start the night before!

No, the steam from running the shower is not going to be enough to get wrinkles out of your wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses. Ideally, steam your wedding gown a few days before (there's often LOTS of layers) and keep it in a garment bag. Bring a real steamer (not a handheld) to the getting ready room to make steaming the bridesmaids dresses easy peasy.

When you're steaming - go slowwwwww and even over the fabric - it helps if you can pull it a bit taut as well. If things aren't going well, prioritize the section of the dress that goes from the neckline to the lap - it's what you'll see the most in photos.

Watch out for skin indentations

What do socks, bras and hair elastics have in common? They'll all leave marks on your skin that you don't want to see in photos. Pack some slippers so that you don't have a line from the elastic on your socks. If your dress won't cover up bra lines, go braless or wear a seamless tank top style bra for getting ready. Last but not least, there's the dreaded hair elastic - take it off your wrist first thing in the morning and make sure the people getting ready with you don't let you put it back on! If you feel naked without it, wear a bracelet instead - similar feeling without the mark up. 

Enjoy the moment

What a freaking cheesy tip, I know, but here's what I mean. Take time to savor your morning cup of coffee, put on a playlist full of fun tunes, take the selfies with your friends. Everything is going to be great.