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How to Infuse Your Personality Into Your Wedding Day

One of the things we ALWAYS tell couples is that your wedding day should be uniquely you. If you don't want to DIY everything or mull over a million little details, here are some easy ways to modify a traditional wedding package and make it your own!



Music will always be a sure-fire way to add personality to your wedding day. Do you and your partner love classic hits or country rock? Have you thought about incorporating songs that are important to you in other ways, whether they're from the soundtrack of your favourite show or your team's goal song? Is there a certain song you always dance to in the kitchen or blast in the car? If so - use it!

Below are some opportunities to pick songs that have a special meaning to you:

  • Processional (both bridal party and the main entrance of the bride/groom)
  • Signing of the marriage certificate
  • Recessional
  • Grand entrance
  • First dance and parent dances

At my wedding, we had lots of fun with the music. I walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of "Sweet Child O' Mine" (an Office reference), rick rolled everyone during the ceremony and ended it with the Leafs win song "Right Back Where We Started From" for the recessional. 


If you want to do a guestbook, there are tons of options, but here are three of my current favourites to personalize your day:

  • A coffee table book for you to display in your home later. Maybe this is a photo album of your engagement photos, or a book of Star Wars facts and photography for you Star Wars fans. As a bonus, it's a really fun date night to check out your local bookstore for inspiration. 
  • A phone guestbook! Simply record a prompt for your guests to leave a message after the tone. When your wedding is over, you can listen to all of the sweet (and drunken) messages from your loved ones. We upload your messages to a Google Drive and send them your way to enjoy.


We currently have a mustard yellow phone in stock, but are planning to order more, so let us know what colours you're interested in! The phone is $250 to rent for the weekend, with $50 off for existing clients.

  • A fun photo booth. Freddy Photo Booth is not the photo booth of years past. With professional quality cameras and on-the-spot printing, it's easy for your guests to slip their pictures straight into your guestbook with a note.

Signature drinks

We love when a couple shows their personality through signature drinks (and bonus points if they're named after their pets). It's great to include two different options like a classic cocktail and a mocktail.

26238924_1004155376401846_6616875708552644503_nphoto by Julie Whitlock Photography

Table numbers

Instead of using regular numbers to mark your tables, choose a category below that matches your vibe:

  • Places you've travelled together
  • Your favourite albums
  • Hikes you love or parks if you're into camping
  • Your favourite books or characters
  • Movies or TV shows/characters
  • Pictures of you two at various ages to match the table numbers

jjwed-271photo by Julie Whitlock Photography


Your ceremony doesn't have to be a cookie cutter thing, even if it's short. Research different types of ceremonies and see what's the best fit for you and your officiant. You can also select readings for the ceremony that resonate with you two as a couple.

45066608_1227249704092411_3429250168577327104_nphoto by Julie Whitlock Photography


While you certainly don't NEED favours, they are a great way to showcase your personality. We've seen couples with a green thumb give away plants to every guest, and couples with an affinity for a certain plant give away joints. We also love the idea of custom cookies with something related to your wedding or a picture of your pets for guests to enjoy the next day. If you're up for DIY'ing, a small consumable item like maple syrup or jam is also a great option.

We hope this gave you some ideas on how to infuse your personality into your wedding day. Make this day uniquely YOU!